Spider-man/ Deadpool

Isn’t it Bromantic?


It’s usually a treat when Deadpool and Spidey cross paths, and in Spider-man/Deadpool, there’s enough going on to keep readers laughing in concordance with the humorous writing and, of course, some fine artwork.



Writer Joe Kelly, and artistic team of Ed McGuinness, Mark Morales and Jason Keith have gone the route that sees Peter Parker as the CEO of global technology giant Parker Industries, while Wade is still the world’s foremost mercenary, and most verbose anti-hero. Kelly has demonstrated himself an adroit writer, in full control of his co-lead character, keeping Wade’s words flowing like a river right from page 1. Further, his choice of words for the dialogues would leave readers wondering as to Wade’s sexual orientation, his moral standing, and the state of his general mental health. This was expected, and Kelly delivers with authority throughout the debut issue.



Apart from what was expected though, the creative team has also managed to deliver a few surprises, giving the story an added dimension. Of course the pair would overcome the first adversary they face in tandem, of course we’d be given a scene that sheds light on Wade’s hunt for redemption. Yes, all these things are credible and almost predictable, but Kelly’s story might leave readers feeling impressed with the methods in which things were resolved. However, they say that ‘the devil’s in the details,’ and my beef with this storyline is the fact that Wade, with his far-reaching intel on all things, is still oblivious to Spider-man’s secret identity. There were also a few occasions where parts of dialogue felt repetitive. That being said, the reveal at the end of the issue, didn’t dissuade me from picking up the follow-up issue to see where this story goes.


Writer – Joe Kelly

Artists – Ed McGuinness, Mark Morales, Jason Keith


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